Studying Nature With Microscopes

Studying Nature With Microscopes

Studying Nature With Microscopes

BFF Christian Academy had great fun studying nature under microscopes and learning about different types of scientific research and data such as quantitative and qualitative. The Fall was the perfect time for this research as there was so much that had fallen to the ground from trees that could be studied!

Nature looks fascinating when magnified!

The children had immense fun observing leaves, twigs, acorns, and other items under their powerful microscopes. They loved seeing how different the World is when you view it up-close.

Studying a salamander

The kids also were able to get very in touch with nature when they got to (gently) handle a salamander! It was slithering all around and the students were excited to touch it. He was too wiggly to examine under a microscope, however!

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Studying Nature With Microscopes
November 4, 2020
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