Studying Real Insects and Bugs!

Studying Real Insects and Bugs!

Studying Real Insects and Bugs!

At Little Sunshine Preschool, they spent the day studying real-life bugs! Some were alive and others were preserved and on display in special cases. The little ones were so excited to see bugs up close without them running or flying away.

Touching living bugs

The teachers provided some living bugs that were carefully held by them which students could touch. Some were too nervous but others loved touching the bugs!

Bugs in a water jar

Some bugs prefer to live in water. The teachers walked around with a little water jar with some of these bugs so students could look at them.

Preserved bugs

Some bugs had been alive but now were preserved and on display in special cases which the students loved looking at. It was a great day for bugs!

Source for photos: Little Sunshine Preschool

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Studying Real Insects and Bugs!
October 22, 2021
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