Summertime Sunflower Painting Activity

Summertime Sunflower Painting Activity

Summertime Sunflower Painting Activity

It has been a Summer full of sunshine and the occasional rainstorm. At Mary Linsmeier Schools, they discussed how sunflowers love this kind of weather and can grow very tall. After talking about sunflowers, the children painted their own version of them and the result was gorgeous!

Materials need for this activity

To paint your own sunflowers you will need the following:

*White piece of paper or a blank white canvas

*Blue, green, yellow, brown, and orange paint (Acrylic and Tempera work well)

*Plate to hold your paints


How to do this activity

To paint your sunflower you can follow these steps:

1. Use your brown and green paint to draw the dirt, ground, stem, and leaves of your sunflower.

2. Use your orange and yellow paint with a bit of brown to paint the main sunflower.

3. Use the blue paint to fill in the background with a blue sky.

4. Wait for the paint to dry and show everyone your sunflower!

Source for photos: Mary Linsmeier Schools

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Summertime Sunflower Painting Activity
August 25, 2021
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