Sun Creation Craft for Kids

The Summertime is full of sunshine, and this craft from The Children’s Garden Preschool has the children making their own bright suns!

Materials Needed for the Sun Creation Craft

To do this craft you will need

  • A large piece of white construction paper or poster paper
  • Orange and yellow paint (tempera or acrylic works well)
  • Paintbrush or Fork
  • Scissors (optional)

How to do the Sun Creation Craft

To do this craft follow these steps:

  1. Have your child take their paintbrush and paint their piece of paper with orange and yellow all around the big piece of paper, or if you want to use a fork they can paint with a fork for a sun sensory twist!
  2. Wait for the paint to dry.
  3. This is an optional step; take your scissors and cut out the shape of a sun from the big piece of paper–or multiple suns if you want.
  4. The mixture of colors will look impressive once the sun has dried and you can display it with pride!

Source for Photos: The Children’s Garden Preschool

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