Superhero DIY Photo Booth

Olivia Johnson
Superhero DIY Photo Booth

Superhero DIY Photo Booth

This Do-it-Yourself photo booth will have your students yelling, "Up, up, and away!" Created by the teachers and kids at The Children’s Center in Portland, Maine, it was designed by laying a backdrop on the floor that looks like a neighborhood and the sky.

When the students lie down upon it and position themselves correctly is truly looks like they are flying!

Heroic Pictures

The students celebrate the preschool's super-hero day by designing their own capes and mask as a fun craft. Then, after they made their super-hero outfit they laid-down on the DIY photo booth and had their pictures taken so that it really appears as if they are soaring through the sky! You can easily do an activity like this for your class too by simply creating a little backdrop students can lay on and pose so they look airborne--creating a little cape and mask as the kids did at The Children's Center can really help make it look extra-convincing as well.


The Children's Center, Portland, ME, United States

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Superhero DIY Photo Booth
November 8, 2019
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