T is for tractor

holly wnuk
T is for tractor

For our PreK # class, weve cut out large green T's and small black T's to create a tractor. Along with circles. This helps with reinforcing the letter and shapes.

While putting together the tractor the children will be asked to hold up their cirlces. The the children will have to identify which is the larger T and which is the smaller T. With our tractor we can also talk about fall and incorporate that into the lesson. This is a great art project to put together as it helps with fine motor skills. THe pieces are easy to recreate, and the children can also add their own personal touches. This gives the children a way to get creative.

We also worked on recognizing colors during this activity. There are small yellow circles that go inside the large black tires. THis also help with recognizing. We can also use this to help with smaller and larger. THe children enjoy putting this together and when we could they would get excited for their visit to the farm

T is for tractor
September 30, 2020
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