Taking a Fall Trip to the Farm!

Taking a Fall Trip to the Farm!

Taking a Fall Trip to the Farm!

At Lighthouse Academy Plainfield, they took a trip now that we have nice Fall weather to a local farm! This is something you can do with your students as well if there are any farms nearby. Children love going to the farm and seeing all the animals. These students were no exception, with the farm animals exciting everyone!

Feeding goats

The kiddos loved feeding the goats, they were the friendliest of all the animals.

A gorgeous greenhouse

Everyone enjoyed visiting the greenhouse at the farm too. It was hot and wet inside, which allowed all the plants to grow fantastically!

A fantastic time at the farm

Everyone had a superb time at the farm, they were overjoyed to get to visit!

Source for photos: Lighthouse Academy Plainfield

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Taking a Fall Trip to the Farm!
October 17, 2021
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