Talofa from American Samoa!!

Talofa from American Samoa!!

What an awesome day it is today that I am able to sign up to this very amazing website for our special needs students in the program. I look forward to meeting new teachers and hear their amazing stories in the teaching field.

I am a mother to my beautiful daughter Faith. I have been in the teaching field for 18 years ongoing. I have worked with very unique students from private schools, elementary schools and now in high school. Although, it is an adventure and challenge but I am grateful and blessed to work with students that have unique abilities.

I hope to see that all the students have achieved a goal while in school with all the beautiful special teachers in the field. I hope that the educators in the teaching field will share their awesome experiences, challenges and adventures with me and I would love to learn something new from all of you.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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Talofa from American Samoa!!
October 7, 2021
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