Teaching phone numbers

Keitha Kay Johnson
Teaching phone numbers

I put up this phone for the students in my class to learn their phone numbers and 911 properly. I also printed out small phones for them to take home with them so that they may practice at home too.

I printed out circle numbers and taped them onto heavy duty paper plates. I then taped the plates onto the wall. I put numbers on the phone to show where the numbers would pop up on an actual phone. The number is of our center.

I put each students phone number on an index card and put them on a ring holder. I hung them beside of the phone so that when it is their turn their number is right there.

I let the students use during work time and centers time. This way I can keep an eye and ear open for when they are in need of help.

I had each student write their phone number several times to practice before they used the phone. I then taught them how to use the phone as a class.

Teaching phone numbers
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Teaching phone numbers
April 13, 2021
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