Teaching Phonics and more

Florence Park
Teaching Phonics and more

Using a variety of methods and worksheets, I teach my 6-year old girls how to write and read three-letter words. They especially like it when I make them cut pictures and write their own words in their mini-white boards. We usually do this activity while playing their favorite Frozen 1 Uno cards.

Class activities are usually divided into different sections. First, they chant the letter sounds and say a word that begins with that sound. Next they practice writing the letters with their little fingers up-up-up, and then practicing them in their worksheets. Then they read some three-letter words using flashcards then finally they play games which are sometimes done in different ways like Bingos, Uno games, writing games and so on. Their favorite is doing Uno cards, then reading flashcards or writing words on their mini-boards. The winner gets a little prize at the end of the games.

Teaching Phonics and more
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Teaching Phonics and more
March 15, 2022
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