Teaching preschoolers

Angel Kennedy
Teaching preschoolers


Thank you for letting me join. I am 19.5 years into running a small daycare, while also teaching preschool. Your worksheets are adorable! The kids love preschool time, and I am blessed to help them learn. Before I know it, they leave me for kindergarten!

I keep all of my worksheets for each letter, shape, number, etc so I can start again in the middle of September. I try my best to prepare my kids for school, socially and academically. It's not always easy, and some of the kids are not always ready to start preschool. I do my best to teach and encourage them.

The reason I would like to add some of your free worksheets, is to change up the worksheets I use over and over. It's nice for a change for them and me!

Thank you again!

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Teaching preschoolers
August 8, 2023
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