Teaching sh digraph can be fun

Teaching sh digraph can be fun

Teaching the sh digraph can be fun. I always start with saying a few words that contain the sh sound and a few words that do not.

sham ship shot pig tam gum

always using cvc words.

When the students can hear the difference I introduce the letters that make the sound.I place a card with the sh letters on it so the kids can see it.

We then trace the letters in the sky. While saying the sound not the letters.


Then I hold up my pointer finger to my lips and say shhhhhhh

I have written the sh sound on my finger so the kids can see it. Sometimes we play a game to see how long we can hold the sound. The students love to be silly with this activity. I always pretend to almost pass out.

I then see if they would like it on their finger. You can either us a washable felt our tape and a piece of paper with the sh sound written on it.

We then repeat the shhh sound using our pointer finger. We then repeat words with the sh sound and I ask the students if they can come up with their own sh words.

In the future, the action of shhh with the finger to the lips is a good reminder of the sound.

Hope this helps.

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Teaching sh digraph can be fun
November 30, 2021
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