Teddy Bear Picnic

Ashley Lofland
Teddy Bear Picnic

Have a Teddy Bear day in Prek. Ask children scientific questions about their bear. What color are they? How many cubes tall are they? Is the bear a boy or girl? Who is the teddy's best friend? Afterward have an outdoor picnic and of course the teddy bears are invited! Use bear themed food such as berries, teddy graham's ect. Keep it simple and play teddy bear themed games. One fun game is pass the teddy. This is a version of hot potatoes, but of course use a bear instead. Another idea is placing all bears on a towel and have children work together to carry the magic carpet. Have them go over bumpy mountains, over deep seas, finally to rest at home.

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Teddy Bear Picnic
September 5, 2023
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