Teeth Roll and Cover Game

Teeth Roll and Cover Game

This teeth-covering game involves rolling a die and covering the teeth with Play-Doh or glued-on marshmallows until all the numbers upon the printable’s teeth have been rolled multiple times.

The process needs to be repeated until all the teeth are covered and have, “Standing,” teeth. It is a fun activity that helps preschoolers with number recognition as well as counting while they have a bunch of fun making teeth out of Play-Doh or from gluing marshmallows upon the printable.

Teeth-Covering Printable

Below is the printable that is used for the teeth-covering game. You then simply need one die that is rolled to determine which number is covered by play-doh shaped like a tooth or a marshmallow that is glued on. Each time a number is rolled students pick one of the matching numbers on the teeth to cover. If all of that number has been covered they roll again. To further get across the importance of good dental health, students then can optionally use dental floss and a toothbrush to practice flossing and brushing the teeth

Teeth-Covering Printable

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  1. We are only at the week of oral hygiene at the school where I work, and this work seems wonderful to teach children. thank you
    /justo estamos en la semana de la salud oral en la escuela donde trabajo y este trabajo me parece maravilloso para porder enseñaerle a l@s niñ@s. gracias

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