Teeth-Themed Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten

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These teeth-themed worksheets are a smart way to introduce the concept of dental health to preschool and kindergarten students.

They learn about teeth, brushing, and having clean teeth via fun activities. The sheets are below:

Shapes Worksheet

Cut-out the paper toothbrushes at the bottom of the worksheet and then position them in various ways so that they can make the shapes found at the top of the worksheet.

Trace Worksheet

Trace the lines around the teeth, toothpaste, and assorted tools used to keep our teeth healthy!

Color Worksheet

Color-in the tubes with the same colors and patterns that match those on display with a particular matching number at the bottom of the worksheet.

Count Worksheet

Count-up how many there are of each item in the pictures and fill-in or circle the correct answer.

Color Worksheet

The assorted cells have differing numbers of items that when counted-up have a number-color that matches them. Fill them in with the proper color.

How to Download the Files

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