Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?

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Temperature Worksheets: Hot or Cold?

For these fun worksheets students need to examine the picture of a piece of clothing and then cut-out and paste the indication of it is the kind of clothing for hot weather or cold weather.

A thermometer serves as the representation of the temperature with it being either hot or cold. Students then look at the image of mittens (for example) and need to decide if they should paste-on a thermometer indicating whether it is clothing that is good for hot temperatures, or clothing better for when it is cold outside.

Free Printable

Free Printable Hot or Cold?
Free Printable Hot or Cold?

This activity is great for helping students to learn and understand how sometimes the weather is hot and sometimes the weather is cold, which can necessitate different outfits. By doing this activity students can realize that while a scarf may look good on them, if it is hot outside that is not the best accessory to wear! Knowing what kind of clothing is appropriate for which kind of weather is therefore a smart lesson indeed!

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