“Ten Apples Up On Top!” Balance Activity

The Dr. Seuss book, “Ten Apples Up On Top,” is the inspiration for this fun math and balance lesson.

Done by Mr Sustick’s kindergarten class at Discovery School at Four Corners they worked to see how many, “Apples,” students could balance upon their heads. Mr. Sustick’s class was able to achieve a record of Seven, but you can always see if you class can do more–maybe up to the book’s Ten!

Discovery School at Four Corners

How to Do the, “Ten Apples Up On Top!” Balance Activity

Read the book, “Ten Apples Up On Top!” by Dr. Seuss to your class.

Talk with the class about how to keep apples on your head you need to carefully balance them, then show that you have ten bean bags that everyone is going to pretend are apples.

Ask for a student to volunteer to have the, ‘Apples,” put upon their head.

Once a student volunteers have them come-up and then ask the class to count as you try to put, “Apples,” on their head.

Count up from one and see how many, “Apples,” you can get on the student before they fall.

Now have students get with a partner and practice stacking and balancing, “Apples,” upon each other and counting as they do so (if you do not have many bean bags you can have students get in groups of three, four, etc. as needed).

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