Thanksgiving Turkey Painting Project

Thanksgiving Turkey Painting Project

Thanksgiving Turkey Painting Project

At Community Preschool, they did a fun turkey painting project themed for the recent holiday of Thanksgiving!

Painting the turkeys and discussing turkeys

To paint their turkeys, the students took paper plates and then used scissors to cut them in half. they took the half and painted it brown. Then, they cut some construction paper up and used it to make the turkey's breaks, eyes, and wattle. They glued these on their turkeys when the paint dried. The students discussed how wattles help male turkeys attract a female turkey. The kiddos talked about how turkeys go, "Gobble gobble," and discussed how excited they were to eat turkey for dinner at Thanksgiving. Once the students returned from Thanksgiving the next day everyone was eager to talk about how much fun their Thanksgiving was!

Source for photos: Community Preschool

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Thanksgiving Turkey Painting Project
November 27, 2021
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