The dot Peter H Reynolds

Nevi Andreou
The dot Peter H Reynolds

The dot Peter  H Reynolds

Hello everyone,

This school year I started with this amazing tale by Peter Reynolds. First I read the story in class we edited it and then we started creating Τhrough it we created wonderful creations by four year old children and everything started from a simple dot, as we see in the first photo. The children influenced by the first dot of Lia's, the heroine of the fairy tale, everyone had chosen their own way to make their dot. For these activity we used oil pastels .

In the second photo, the children, again inspired by the fairy tale, created this time using black and white lines and colorful dots of each size. Εach child chose his own way to place his dots. In the other activity with different crafts they reached a different dot not the usual. Ιn the last activity we used different colors of paint and made multicolored lines, when the paint had dried we had used different sizes of circles and printed with black paint in the multicolored lines.

The dot Peter H Reynolds
October 18, 2021
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