The Five Senses Taste Test

When it comes to our five senses the one that can cause the biggest emotions is the sense of taste. Some things are really sweet, others are sour, some salty, and then others are bitter.

At the Pride & Joy Preschool and Child Care Center the kids in Ms. Mandee’s class loved finishing-up their lessons about the 5 senses with the final one on taste because of how fun it is talk about!

The Five Senses Taste Test Was Fun for the Whole Class

The preschool students enjoyed trying a sour lemon, some salty popcorn, a sweet fruit snack, and some sweet (and slightly bitter) chocolate. The kids were able to say whether they loved the taste, thought it was simply okay, or disliked it. It was very popular in the class and helped the preschoolers learn about just how powerful the sense of taste can be!

The Five Senses Taste Test
Pride & Joy Preschool and Child Care Center
Ranburne, Alabama

Download Your Own Test-Sheet

You can do this fun taste-test with your own class of preschool or kindergarten students too. Feel free to download this test-sheet and do it with your students, just be ready for some strong reactions to the really sour and really sweet snacks!

Taste test worksheet

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