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The idea of ​​learning wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light

Sandra Vagale
The idea of ​​learning wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light

"BUILDERS" for a mixed age group

In this lesson, children learn the concepts of wide, narrow, high, low and heavy, light while working on their own in an attractive way and with practical conclusions.

The idea of ​​learning wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light

Invited to build roads throughout the city, a map has been prepared where they should be built - the engineer follows to build according to the plan. Road builders build narrow roads from pebbles-pavements, and wide roads from cardboard plates. Draws conclusions that a big car can only travel on a wide road. Small cars can pass the narrow pavement.

Builders build skyscrapers and private houses. It reinforces the concepts - high and low.

Material suppliers have a certain weight that can be transported (weight). Before loading, the car is checked on the scales, so that it is not heavier than that, but it can be lighter. In the transport - sand, cotton wool, pebbles, cardboard plates, blocks - a conclusion is drawn: what is lighter can carry more, what is heavier less, but in terms of volume it can look bigger - lighter, smaller, but heavier.

Attached are worksheets and didactic game on this topic.

May you succeed!

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The idea of ​​learning wide/narrow, high/low, heavy/light
January 22, 2023
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