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The inside out(Feelings and emotions)

Una Yang
The inside out(Feelings and emotions)


The inside out(Feelings and emotions)

September is the month when people celebrate Moon Festival in Taiwan. People can feel the glee of festival. It’s also the start of Autumn. It’s the season when people start to feel the coolness and observe the change of leaves. To help kids know themselves more, they use mirrors to explore and express their feelings and emotions. In every class, we sang the happy song and if you happy song together and they really enjoyed the songs! With the dance moves, they get to know the feelings better. Kids learn how to observe the changes of their emotions and make different facial expressoin through a game poster. They also recognize different feelings from a book called The Colour Monster and play a fun game of it. Growing up is never an easy job. Kids create a colour monster of their own. Wish the picture of the colour monster can be a helpful tool to let kids learn different feelings and emotions.

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The inside out(Feelings and emotions)
October 4, 2022
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