The lesson about time

The lesson about time

The lesson about time

It is very important to teach children about time and its importance in preschool. For this we tried to start with information about how the first instruments for measuring time were built since ancient times, ie in Ancient Egypt. I presented the children with pictures of the first watch invented by the Egyptians, the water clock, and explained to them how to measure time with it. After presenting the information about the first invented watch, we switched to the modern ones and learned to make one to play with, to learn the hours and minutes (moments of the day). So, I gave the children a template made of cardboard, which they cut out and to which they attached the two languages ​​(the one that shows the hour and the one that shows the minutes) so that they are mobile. Thus, after each child personalized and completed their watch, I asked them to position their tongues so that they showed the hour and minutes indicated by me.

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The lesson about time
October 10, 2020
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