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The life of bees and beekeepers

Antonela Kovacevic
The life of bees and beekeepers

We tried out what it's like to be a beekeeper and what it's like to wear his suit. It was very easy to make a beehive and children can participate in making bees. Small stones can also be used to make bees. To make honey jars, I used paper cups, a paper towel and a rubber band.

The life of bees and beekeepers

The group was 3-4 years old. The children really liked the bees. They also used them in some other games outside the intended beekeeper's game center. The beekeeper's symbolic game was the strongest of the activities offered. Everyone wanted to try on his suit, gloves and beekeeper's hat. They tried to catch the sachets and move them. They tried to open the jars of honey immediately, and a little later to eat that honey in a symbolic game of breakfast and lunch. Most children in this group do not like to eat honey and do not consume it if it is offered to them for breakfast. After the activity with the bees, a conversation about their life, their house, the beekeeper's work, after playing with the bees for a bit, the children enthusiastically (all of them) went to taste the real honey that we offered them. Everyone tried at least two teaspoons of honey, and some children did not leave the table until they ate it all.

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The life of bees and beekeepers
August 8, 2022
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