The little Chef. DIY Cardboard Kitchen

Another activity, done some time ago, which I called the little chef. It was more of a role play / free play in which I encouraged his imagination.

In order to be able to carry out this activity, we first built a stove out of cardboard boxes.

I glued white paper on the boxes, for the burners I used some old CDs, then for the buttons I used a sheet of foam which I cut into 4 larger round pieces that

I stuck in the stove with toothpicks for skewers .

I also cut the cardboard box to make an oven door.

Next to the stove I built a sink, where he could wash the dishes. And as a dish I painted a pizza on cardboard, which I then cut it into slices.

All I can say is that we just had fun and ended up painting a breakfast with eggs and sausages. Then I made vegetable soup and many other dishes.

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