Thematic tracings at the light table

Melissa Jetzer
Thematic tracings at the light table

We love to have our preschoolers trace characters, animals, items, etc. from themes we are doing and extend this excellent fine motor activity. We may have the children take their tracings to the easel and color or paint them. Other times they head to the creation station to decorate with leftover items from previous activities for a great open ended art extension. Sometimes we have the children head to the literacy table and look over the vocabulary cards with word & picture guides so they can write the letters to the item they traced. The children love to create one tracing each (many times more) and then we take their work and hang it throughout the classroom, they have so much fun going on a scavenger hunt to look for each of their projects and checking off each classmates name on their search list. The extensions are endless and provide a lot of fine motor strengthening possibilities which our littles needed this past school year.

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Thematic tracings at the light table
May 29, 2022
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