Theme: Autumn is Magical

Joyce M
Theme: Autumn is Magical

Every change of the season, we take this opportunity to let our kids be aware of what's changing in our environment.

For the recent change of season, it was autumn. We let them discover the change of colors on the leaves, different nuts falling from the tree, and cold temperature.

On our daily activities, we discover that there are different colors of Autumn leaves. There are yellow, orange, brown, and red leaves.

To appreciate more of these different autumn colors of the leaves, we did a finger painting with those colors and pat it on printed tree.

This is how our activity looked like:

Theme: Autumn is Magical

This can develop children's artistic skills and develop more creativity.

Another activity that we did, was creating a puppet out of printed autumn leaves. Otherwise, it is best if you could gather real autumn leaves and you can do the activity with those.

After you are able to gather leaves you can stick goggly eyes and lip stickers.

A very simple activity, yet very informative and very interesting for the children. Through this activity, they can learn the autumn leaves and also the same time some parts of the face.

Thank you so much for reading!

Stay tuned for more tips!

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Theme: Autumn is Magical
November 18, 2021
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