Themed Clothing Days Over Zoom

Themed Clothing Days Over Zoom

Themed Clothing Days Over Zoom

At Kaiser Elementary School they have been teaching students over Zoom. Some children and teachers struggle with this, but to make it more fun they have introduced themed clothing days! They just recently had a pajama day where all the kids attended Zoom classes in their pajamas! There are a number of fun themed days you can do with your Zoom classes to keep things exciting.

Themed clothing day ideas

Some examples of clothing themes you can do over Zoom include but are not limited to.

*Polka dot day

*School colors/theme day

*Star wars/space day

*Super-hero day

*Favorite sports team day

*Tie-dye day

*Different decades days (the 50s, 60s, so forth)

*Formal/dress-up day

*Western day (like cowboys and cowgirls)

*Ugly sweater day

*Whatever else you can think of that would be fun over Zoom!

Source for photos: Kaiser Elementary School

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Themed Clothing Days Over Zoom
January 4, 2021
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