Themed "Hide and Seek"

Tobi doerffel
Themed "Hide and Seek"

I take pictures related to a theme or holiday from clip art, magazines, etc and laminate them. I then either use these pictures in a hanging chart and hide a "surprise" picture behind the other pictures. The children have to either describe the picture they want to look behind, or name the picture (so lots of vocabulary). The the teacher or student pulls the picture and looks to see if the "surprise" picture is hiding behind it. Another way is to have the visible picture all be the same and hide a "surprise" picture and have the students use sequential, spatial and ordinal vocabulary to describe the picture they want to look behind. If working with younger students the cover pictures can be colors, shapes, sight words, or numbers. You could also have more than one "surprise" picture that is hiding. I have also had many hidden pictures that go on a scene, so one the child gets their hidden picture they can add it to the large picture scene and work collaboratively to create a themed or holiday picture.

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Themed "Hide and Seek"
October 7, 2020
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