Thousands Of Teachers Are Already Using And Loving Teachersmag

Fatimah Ali
Thousands Of Teachers Are Already Using And Loving Teachersmag

“Music teacher here! I am teaching remotely as well as F2F and created all my baselines with Teachersmag - the scoring mechanism is a dream and I downloaded that and handed it to my supervisors. I was able to monitor the progress of 30 students taking this from another school and home which was extremely helpful - that allowed me to set up some management opportunities while I was on zoom with them. This has been a lifesaver. Just put together our classroom contact tracer sheets too and wow - so easy to keep on hand - again I can move that information into a spreadsheet …”

Teaching has always been collaborative. TeacherMade continues the tradition of working together.

Knowledge sharing benefits both teachers and the organization. Through sharing knowledge with colleagues, new knowledge can be generated, and assumptions and opinions that underlie practices and methods are made overt and can be reflected on (Van Woerkom, 2004).

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Thousands Of Teachers Are Already Using And Loving Teachersmag
May 6, 2022
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