Three Centers Ideas for Preschool-Age Children

Three Centers Ideas for Preschool-Age Children

Three Centers Ideas for Preschool-Age Children

At St. Paul's Pre & Lower school they welcomed their preschool-aged kids back for what will surely be a great year of learning. When the school did centers there were three of them that were especially popular: barn-themed coloring, block sorting, and making a, "Scissor salad."

Barn-themed coloring

The kids loved being given a little barn that, "Opened-up," to reveal barnyard animals. They enjoyed coloring-in the whole barn and the critters inside!

Block matching

Everyone had a lovely time matching blocks to have them look like the pictures of the shapes/images that students needed to mirror.

Scissor salads

One very popular activity involved taking colorful construction paper, cutting it into pieces, and crinkling those pieces up to look like food in a salad! The children made some, "Delicious," bowls!

Source for photos: St. Paul's pre & Lower School

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Three Centers Ideas for Preschool-Age Children
September 23, 2020
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