Three Fun Number-Themed Centers Activities

Three Fun Number-Themed Centers Activities

Three Fun Number-Themed Centers Activities

At The Oak Tree Daycare, they had so much fun doing three fun activities during centers. All three activities involved numbers! The one seen above involved taking clothespins with numbers written on them and then using fine motor skills to pin them onto a stick in the proper order. Below are two more fun activities!

Putting out number-fires

The kiddos used squirt guns to, "Put out," fires that were numbers in the teens (11-19). Little pieces of post-it note papers that were cut into the shape of fire were used along with the squirt guns.

Garbage numbers

The kiddos took handouts with garbage trucks that featured numbers on the side. These numbers were in the teens (as with the second activity) and the kids counted-out pieces of crepe paper in squares on the handouts to match the number shown!

Source for photos: The Oak Tree Daycare and this link plus this link.

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Three Fun Number-Themed Centers Activities
January 30, 2021
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