Three Little Pigs Tuff Tray/Sensory Experience

Three Little Pigs Tuff Tray/Sensory Experience

Three Little Pigs Tuff Tray/Sensory Experience

At Little Rainbows 2 Nursery they listened to the story of the, "Three Little Pigs," and then played with a tuff tray that had various sensory elements upon it all related to the story! The kids were able to recreate parts of the, "Three Little Pigs," right on the tuff tray using the sensory elements!

How the tuff tray was assembled

In the story about the, "Three Little Pigs," they build they homes out of hay, wood, and bricks. The tuff tray, therefore, had some hay, some wooden sticks, and some (lightweight) bricks put upon it for kids to play with! There were toy figurines and crafted little pigs as well and a mask of a wolf for the students to wear so they could pretend to be the wolf that the pigs run away from! The class had so much fun with this tuff tray of sensory elements!

Source for photos: Little Rainbows 2 Nursery

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Three Little Pigs Tuff Tray/Sensory Experience
March 25, 2021
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