Three Little Pigs Week

Three Little Pigs Week

Three Little Pigs Week

At Funtimes Preschool Ickenham, they had a lovely week themed for the Three Little Pigs! Everyone learned the story of the famous pigs and the big bad wolf, then did a variety of activities and crafts themed for the story! They built pig-houses as pictured above and did other fun things!

Clothespin pigs

The class took clothespins and attached them to the pigs so they could stand up!

Paper plate wolves

Everyone made a big bad wolf out of paper plates and paint.

Popsicle Pigs

The class made pigs out of carefully-shaped popsicle sticks and other mixed-media items.

Three pigs' houses

Children made a picture that had the three houses of the little pigs--hay, wood, and brick.

Pig dot painting

The students had fun making dot-paintings of pigs using a print-out. It was such a lovely week themed for a fantastic story!

Source for photos: Funtime Preschool Ickenham

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Three Little Pigs Week
November 20, 2020
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