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Tinker Tray-cherry Blossoms

Stacy Montandon
Tinker Tray-cherry Blossoms

We live near Washington D.C. so cherry blossoms are a big deal. I normally just have this out during the cherry blossom festival but this year the children loved it so much I left it on the shelf.

We call this our tinker tray and I try and change the objects and provocations often. Here the children use loose parts to make Cherry Blossom Trees. We found objects from outside and around the classroom and put them on a tray along with pictures of cherry blossoms. The children can take the tray from the shelf and let their creative run. Other trays I have used are snowman and snowflake making, bird nest building, and design a heart.

Tinker Tray-cherry Blossoms
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Tinker Tray-cherry Blossoms
May 26, 2023
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