Tissue paper art

Tissue paper art

Hey all, greetings. This is another tissue paper art that are very simple to prepare and I believe kids will love them.

Tissue paper art

Things to prepare as follows:

Used cardboard

Tissue paper

Wooden Sticks



Color paint (use safe paint for kids below three years old)


This time, I prepare this material within half an hour and my son took almost an hour plus to complete the artwork. At least make him sit on his chair while I can have my dinner peacefully. U can use tissue paper to do many other artwork.


My boy holding his complete artwork with a big great smile. He enjoyed squeezing the paint onto the tissue paper.

Meanwhile, u may let Ur kid to learn new vocabulary in different language after complete the artwork (cloud, sun, car, wheels, traffic light, red, yellow, green etc) and let them paste the word beside each object. Have fun painting ^_^ good luck.

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Tissue paper art
June 16, 2021
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