Toddler Fall Theme Ideas For Your Daycare

Emma Johnson
Toddler Fall Theme Ideas For Your Daycare

Pumpkin Activity for Toddlers

There are many fun Fall themes that a daycare can do for their toddlers! Here are two great ones to start inspiring you!

Exploring a Pumpkin

One fun activity is letting toddlers play with a pumpkin that has been opened up, At the Syracuse University Early Education and Child Care Center found in Syracuse, New York, they noticed, "The babies exploring a carved out pumpkin. Some of them really enjoyed touching the slimy inside with their hands and others preferred using a spoon,” It is a great way to learn about pumpkins and how even if they are hard on the outside they are really squishy inside!

Making Applesauce

Toddlers love getting to help wash apples, then peeling them (with kid-safe tools). Then, you can puree the apples in a food processor and all the toddlers at the daycare will get to enjoy some tasty applesauce they helped make!

Toddler Fall Theme Ideas For Your Daycare
August 19, 2019
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