Touch and Guess

Carolina Barrero
Touch and Guess

The Sense of Touch is a sense that not only makes us aware of our surroundings but is also crucial to our living and well-being. To explore the sense of touch with my class, I set up a walking trail with items of different textures attached to a string across the playground. Children approached with curiosity and began touching and swinging the objects. I invited them to play the “Touch and Guess” game by following the string being blindfold. While one kid was following the rope the others were leading his walk, by giving some simple directions and encouraging him to complete the trail. A quick and valuable followup to this exercise is to have each person take the trail again but without the blindfold then have them gather and share what the differences were between blindfolded and sighted experiences along the trail.

They were surprised at how they could recognize objects just by touch

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Touch and Guess
June 6, 2023
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