Towel Craft Ideas


Today we learn how to make puppy and teddy bear out of bath or Face towel?

Puppy Towel Craft Ideas

Steps as follow: 

1)Roll the wider edges towards the middle

2)Fold right edge over 1/3 way and left edge over almost 1/3 way

3)Tie the middle tightly with ribbon

4)Use fishing line to tie the front part above the ribbons 🎀, the tighter you tie, the more puffy the cheek is

5)Lastly you make the ear, eyes, nose , mouth with felt paper.



Bear Tower Craft Ideas

Steps as follow:

1)Fold 1 of the narrow edges of a rectangular tower over 2/3 of the way

2)Roll the top and bottom edge towards the middle

3)Fold the towel into almost 2/3 of it and turn the top corner to form the near of teddy bear.

4)Prepare 3 rubber band, one tie around the neck and 2 tie around the ear of bear.

5)Place a ribbons around the neck region

6)You may place googly eyes and handmade nose for the teddy. A cute teddy is ready! Done!

Enjoy and have fun!

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