Tracing and Painting Full-Body Self-Portraits

Tracing and Painting Full-Body Self-Portraits

Tracing and Painting Full-Body Self-Portraits

At Mountain Sprouts Preschool Bozeman, they had a lot of fun doing full-body-sized self-portraits!

How the self-portraits were made

With the assistance of a partner, the kids laid down on a large sheet of paper. Then, the partner traced around their whole body--head, arms, and legs--all of it! After the body had been traced students mixed some paint to create a tint they liked. They used this paint to fill-in in their traced body and created neat self-portraits that looked so cool once the paint had dried and they could be displayed!

The children had lots of fun tracing their bodies, then mixing the paint, and carefully filling-in the full-body portrait with paint. Once the paint dried, kids could use a marker on the dry paint to draw a face if they wanted--it added a nice personal touch! It was a lovely group activity that the little ones were eager to take home and show their families.

Source for photos: Mountain Sprouts Preschool Bozeman

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Tracing and Painting Full-Body Self-Portraits
February 5, 2021
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