Shape Tracing and Counting Worksheets

Shape Tracing and Counting Worksheets

Tracing Shapes

For these free printable worksheets students practice tracing a variety of shapes and then count them up!

These worksheets are great for helping students to practice drawing shapes, recognizing them, and with the development of their counting skills.

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Trace and Count House Worksheet

To do this worksheet students trace the various shapes that make the outline of a house. Once they are done they then need to identify and count all of the squares as well as the rectangles. For extra fun, when they are done counting they can color the house!

Trace and Count Meal Worksheet

The picture of a tasty meal of an egg and some cheese is traced by the students and then they need to count-up how many circles there are versus triangles. Also, after counting they can color the food whatever colors they like--even if green eggs look silly!

Sports Balls Worksheet

This worksheet does not involve students needing to trace anything, but they do color and count-up all of the balls (which are circles) that are found in different sports. For an extra challenge ask the students which kind of games each ball is found in!

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Shape Tracing and Counting Worksheets
November 3, 2019
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