Transportation Magnet Board Activity for Kids

Miss Kimmie and Miss Val at The Campus School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania did this fun magnet board activity as a center during the week as a part of their transportation theme. You can do it at home too with your little one!

Doing the Transportation Magnet Board Activity

To do this magnet board activity at home, you should first get some transportation-themed magnets. These can be bought at a store or made at home by yourself via gluing magnets to images of transportation on pieces of wood (like puzzle pieces) or thick pieces of paper. Then, take a large piece of metal such as a cookie sheet and attach the magnets to them! You and your child can use your imaginations with the various kinds of transportation or make-up games like putting all of the land-based transportation on one piece of metal and all the air-based transportation on another, for example. It is a fun activity to do with magnets while also learning about transportation with your child!

Source of Pictures: The Campus School

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