Transportation- Outside of the Box

Jillian Street
Transportation- Outside of the Box

We made a NYC subway car, delivery truck and cars for the children to play in centers with. This was part of our transportation theme. The children picked out the different forms of transportation and since they were city kids, we used what they knew. One of the kids, said " that's the truck that brings packages" and we decided to give the the job too.l The children put "packages" in the back of the truck and dropped them off around the room. The subway had an engineer seat and driving tools inside. The kids had a blast and played with it for about 3 weeks. We added things as we went along, and based on what boxes we could get. They had metro cards, and delivery pads. We made a car for the kids who wanted to drive alone. This was my block area and we just parked the cars on the side when we were done with them. We used the boxes as a center, as well as a teaching experience. They were the conductor, engineer, passenger, driver, delivery person, and so much more. Go Big!

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Transportation- Outside of the Box
June 7, 2022
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