Tree Creation Craft

Tree Creation Craft

Tree Creation Craft

At Small Steps Children's Academy, they did a fun craft where they created a tree out of ice cream cones, green icing, and various candy objects that represented leaves and pinecones and such on the tree--this craft wasn't for eating, however! The students made the craft and let it sit and harden so they could show it off as a sculpture of sorts!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this tree creation craft you will need the following:

*Ice cream cone

*Green icing

*Various candies and snacks you can stick on the tree (M&Ms, pretzels, and so forth)

*Popsicle stick to spread icing

*Paper plate to avoid making a mess

How to do this craft

To do this tree creation craft you can follow these steps:

1. Put your ice cream cone on the paper plate.

2. Use your popsicle stick to spread the green icing all around the cone.

3. Attach your candies and snacks to the tree.

4. Let the icing dry and show off your creation of a beautiful tree!

Source for photos: Small Steps Children's Academy

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Tree Creation Craft
January 21, 2022
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