Turkey Craft for Kids!

Turkey Craft for Kids!

Turkey Craft for Kids!

First Presbyterian Preschool made some fun turkeys for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! They had fun faces and beautifully colorful plumage.

Materials needed to make your own turkey

To create a turkey you will need the following:

*Brown, orange, and red construction paper

*Random other colors of construction paper to cut into strips

*Googly eyes



*Markers and/or paint

How to create your turkey

Follow these steps to make your turkey:

1. Take your brown construction paper and cut it into a big circle; this will be the turkey's body.

2.Cut the orange construction paper into a triangle and little stars; these will be the beak and feet.

3. Cut the red construction paper into a large bumpy circle, this will be what is known as the snood on a turkey (the red things that hang off of them).

4. Take your extra construction paper and draw on it with markers or paint.

5. Wait for the markers or paint to dry.

6. Cut the extra construction paper into strips, this will be the turkey's plumage.

7.Take your turkey's body and glue on the beak, feet, snood, and googly eyes.

8. Glue your plumage to the back of the turkey.

9. Wait for the glue to dry.

10. You've made a fun turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Source for photos: First Presbyterian Preschool

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Turkey Craft for Kids!
November 10, 2020
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