Turkey Food Drive Box

.Sophia Williams
Turkey Food Drive Box

Turkey Food Drive Box

Look at how cute this Turkey is! At Belltown Discovery Center in East Hampton, Connecticut, each classroom took part in creating him. He will be in the school's lobby for the month of November where he'll collect non-perishable foods to be given to the East Hampton Food Bank.

"Feed," The Turkey for the Food Drive!

The November curriculum at Belltown Discovery Center is focused on the topics of thankfulness, exercising generosity, and expressing appreciation. By hosting a food drive it is the perfect opportunity to start introducing the young students to the joy of giving to others.

By having children get excited to contribute items so they can help local families enjoy a local meal they are being selfless and showing they care. It is truly inspiring to see students be thoughtful and give to others. Your school can do a food drive as well! Whether you make a decorative food drive box such as Belltown's turkey or just have a regular box filled with food, it is just wonderful to give to others!

Belltown Discovery Center

East Hampton, CT, United States


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Turkey Food Drive Box
November 8, 2019
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