“Turkey Ten,” Free Printable Math Game

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"Turkey Ten," Free Printable Math Game

Parsons Family Child Care in Lake Elsinore, California came-up with this incredibly fun, ‘Turkey Ten,” math game that you can do with your class as well thanks to the included free printables for it!

The game works where students are given a sheet with the turkey and it has a number above its head. Students then use worksheet’s bottom-part with little frames to fill-in the frames with enough leaves to match the needed number.

Parsons Family Child Care
Lake Elsinore, California

"Turkey Ten," Free Printable Math Game
Parsons Family Child Care

There are cards for the numbers one all the way up through ten. This activity helped the students develop their understanding of numbers while also learning and exploring via how the game has students choose leaves to put on the squares.

Free Printables

Below are the free printables for the, “Turkey Ten,” game that you can print-out and then have your students do the game with! You can have little fake leaves or any other kind of, ‘Token,” you want to use for the game.

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