Turn the wheel!

Julie Vandesteene
Turn the wheel!

This is a wheel made for a multilingual boy.

You can spin the wheel of fortune and your arrow will stop on a letter of the alphabet. There is also a picture with an example word. In this way, you can practise the different sounds together. This can also be used with young children to practise the alphabet and target sounds.

I made this wheel myself but you can also use the wheel from 'Ikea'.

You can also use velcro to use different images to attach to your wheel. This way you can use this wheel in different areas. For example, you can attach spelling exercises or reading exercises.

You can work with free icons from, for example, the programme 'picto selector'. I used this to conduct an articulation study with a multilingual boy. I wanted to find out whether he used sounds from his mother tongue in his second acquired language. When he turned a certain letter on the wheel, I explained how this is pronounced in his mother tongue and how it is pronounced in the second language. In addition, I let him find an example word himself. I also had him read some words to see how he pronounced the sounds exactly.

Turn the wheel!
March 19, 2021
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