Turtle Exploration Week Mixed Media Project

Turtle Exploration Week Mixed Media Project

Turtle Exploration Week Mixed Media Project

Schwartz Preschool had a week focused on learning about and exploring turtles! The class loved doing projects inspired by these incredible creatures. The children enjoyed creating their own turtles out of various loose parts, beans, and other items to make a mixed-media turtle!

Mixed-media turtles

The turtles were beautiful to see as the kiddos assembled them. They were very creative in how they assembled their turtles. The children loved discussing how turtles can be found in freshwater or saltwater habitats, and that they are not to be confused with tortoises, which are usually found spending more time on land than in water--unlike turtles which greatly prefer spending their time in the water. It was a fun craft!

Source for photos: Schwartz Preschool

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Turtle Exploration Week Mixed Media Project
March 21, 2021
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