Two Different Family Portrait Crafts

Two Different Family Portrait Crafts

Two Different Family Portrait Crafts

At Caterpillars' Clubhouse Childcare & Preschool, they did two different crafts to create their family portraits! First, the kids drew their families with markers. Then, they used construction paper shapes that had been cut up which they grabbed assorted ones of and glued together on a sheet of paper to make the shapes of people and create another family portrait.

Marker family

The kiddos used their drawing skills to make a family portrait out of markers. This was pretty straightforward but still fun.

Shape family

The children then were given a bunch of pieces of construction paper and worked to combine the shapes into people they glued upon their big piece of paper. This required a bit more creativity and was really cool to create! Both portraits were gorgeous to see.

Source for photos:

Caterpillar's Clubhouse Childcare & Preschool

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Two Different Family Portrait Crafts
January 27, 2021
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